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*成瀬・猪熊建築設計事務所在籍時 担当

*This project, where I was in charge, is when I worked at  NARUSE INOKUMA ARCHITECTS.



*JIA東海住宅建築賞2014 優秀賞、日本建築学会作品選集 新人賞など受賞多数
​*ベネチアビエンナーレ2016 日本館展示作品

Year: Completed 2013

Program: Sharehouse

Location: Nagoya, AICHI

Structure: Wooden structure

Size: 321sqm


It is a new share house which has a three-dimensional space built for 13 people in Nagoya.
In this design, we focused positively on the fact that it was a new building. And we created particular spaces for a shared house by rethinking the entire composition of the building in order to live together. Concretely, the connected three-dimensional shared space creates various configurations and, these spaces give a variety type of place to enjoy chatting, working and relaxing with someone else or alone. Residents can choose any location they like depending on their mood. What is to live together with other people in the one building? We reconsidered the connection with others and defined how to make sense of distance from others.
The idea of living together has seemed to become a more popular style of living in Japan, especially after the Tohoku earthquake, 2011. 

*JIA Tokai residential architecture award 2014, Encouragement Prize of AIJ 2015 and many other awards.

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