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Tree Tea House



Year: Completed 2018

Program: Artwork and Tea house

Location: Ordrupgaard Museum, DENMARK

Structure: Wooden structure

Size: 15sqm

Photography: MIKU KANADA

建築家・藤森照信氏が、コペンハーゲン近郊のオードロップゴー美術館に招待され制作した茶室。彼の作品に一目惚れしたキュレーターから、敷地内の森に茶室を作って欲しいというリクエストがあり、ART PLAYGROUND2018のアート作品として実現したプロジェクトである。



It is a tea house at Ordrupgaard museum designed by the famous Japanese architect Fujimori Terunobu. He was invited as an artist to build for the' ART PLAYGROUND 2018', and it's his first work in Denmark. 

According to Fujimori-san, the wonderfulness of architecture is 'there is space by non-professionals to do something.' With this work, a unique tea house was created, involving a beautiful collaboration between locals and professionals, in the forest in Denmark. For instance, the black exterior wall material 'Yakisugi (burned cedarwood)' was made on workshops with locals. The tea house blends into the forest by using stripes with this traditional Japanese material and lime mortar.

To use Fujimori-san's words, the freedom of tea houses is not only the freedom of design but also 'the idea that everyone can enjoy and spend time together equally.' And it is a feature of the tea house which continues more than 400 years. Japanese and Danes who have different cultures, heights and languages enjoying themselves in the tiny Fujimori's tea house must have been his aim.

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